A premium single origin chocolate made with carefully selected high quality cocoa from Peru and 75% cocoa solids and boasting quite a flavour kick. We have started a trend: the new magic word at our chocolate manufactory is “infusion”, whereby the finished chocolate receives a shot of raw cocoa mass, intensifying the cocoa's flavour profile quite considerably.

We obtain the Trinitario cocoa beans from a small farming cooperative in the Alto Huallaga region at the upper reaches of the Huallaga river in Peru. When we rode a boat downriver in order to visit our cocoa farmers, I kept thinking about Austria's Wachau region, about the beautiful river lined with apricot trees and vineyards. Here in Peru, there are small, green mounds peacefully lining the river edge – former coca plantations, and there were many!Peru didn't just enter the history books with drugs, it is also the home of the cocoa bean. Organic cocoa edged out the coca trade.

A few remaining farmers are still cultivating Nativo cocoa, a fine hybrid of Criollo and Forastero beans created in the 18th century on the island of Trinidad. The Nativo bean has inherited a few of the Criollo's flavour characteristics but is more robust and resilient and still incredibly rare – globally, the rate of cultivation is about as low as the Criollo's. It is imperative to the preservation of biodiversity that this variety survives.

In our bean to bar manufactory, we turn this pure, noble cocoa into a 75% chocolate, only briefly conched in oder to preserve the cocoa's very singular charisma. The finished chocolate receives a shot of pure, raw cocoa mass, intensifying the Nativo's flavour profile quite considerably.




  • Cocoa mass°, raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter° Origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Peru.



  •  ((cocoa mass and cocoa butter): 75% minimum


 Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards: cocoa mass°, raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter° 

Total: 100 %.


°from controlled organic cultivation


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sesame and soy.


Nutrition Facts:


Energy kcal 596 kcal
Energy kJ 2472 kJ
Fat 46 g
of which saturated 28 g
Carbohydrates 32 g
of which sugar 25 g
Protein 8.9 g
Salt 0.25 g