Criollo is the best cocoa bean in the world, but unfortunately it has become exceedingly rare. In Peru, a vintage cocoa variety has been preserved, and its fruit contains 30% of the legendary white Criollo beans. This bar is a fine cocoa blend mixed by Mother Nature herself, conserving a veritable jewel of a cocoa source. Enjoy this top of the range single origin chocolate with a surprisingly mild flavour despite a whopping 82% cocoa content.


Fragrance notes: biscuits, notes of berry

Taste notes: very mild, nutty, nougat, sweet cream, biscuit (lightly spiced), raisins, grapes, lemons, hint of olive. Nutty and fruity finish with a touch of grapefruit


Please note: Because we don’t have a separate production line for lactose-free products, this may contain traces of milk due to production factors.

Conching time: 20 hrs.




Cocoa mass°*, raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*

(Single origin chocolate with cocoa beans from Peru)



 82 % minimum


*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 100%

°from controlled organic cultivation


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sesame and soy.



Nutrition Facts per 100g:

Energy kcal 599 kcal
Energy kJ 2476 kJ
Fat 48 g
of which saturated 29 g
Carbohydrates 26 g
of which sugar 18 g
Protein 10 g
Salt 0.3 g