Brazil Nut Praline with Jungle Pepper

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A pure, tender-melting Brazil nut nougat, using nuts gathered in the wild, impresses with a surprisingly sensual flavour. Topped by a thin, crunchy white chocolate layer, spiced up with rare ground jungle pepper, it is covered in a dark milk chocolate with 60% cocoa content.
The black Voatsiperifery pepper is the champagne of pepper varieties. It grows wild at the Periyar National Park in Kerala, India, where we first encountered it ourselves. Its flavour is very strong with a spicy aroma. It is harvested by local native tribes, which enables them to make a living while at the same time staying true to their natural roots. The amount of pepper gathered each year is relatively small, making it a rare and precious spice.
In the wild, the pepper can grow anywhere and thrives near and on trees, like Zotter’s favourite, the Brazil nut tree, which grows up to 50 metres tall, is festooned with enchantingly fragrant flowers, and takes around 30 years to mature and bear fruit. An awe-inspiring giant of a tree and a miracle of nature, yielding delicious nuts. 


Raw cane sugar°*, cocoa mass°*, cocoa butter°*, BRAZIL NUTS°, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER°, BUTTER°, SWEET WHEY POWDER°, SKIMMED MILK POWDER°, wild pepper°, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN°, whole cane sugar°*, salt, vanilla powder°, cinnamon°


60% minimum in the Dark Milk Chocolate°
*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 71%

°from controlled organic cultivation

Full cream milk powder by Bio vom Berg, organic alpine mountain farmers.


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, eggs and sesame. 


Nutrition Facts:

Energy kcal 567 kcal
Energy kJ 2320 kJ
Fat 37 g
of which saturated 19 g
Carbohydrates 46 g
of which sugar 43 g
Protein 7.2 g
Salt 0.28 g