Almond Praline with Tonkas

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A delicious perfume: milk chocolate with a 50% cocoa content, filled with a fluffy and light, white ganache blending almond nougat, white chocolate, milk and honey. It is enhanced with tonka beans, which seductively emit their complex aroma of almond, liquorice, marzipan, caramel, vanilla and more and have made it to the top of the ingredient list used by a number of Michelin-starred chefs as well as perfume makers, and sits on a bed of pure almond nougat. The delicious centre is further enhanced with a thin dark chocolate layer. 


Raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*, cocoa mass°*, ALMONDS°, FULL CREAM MILK POWDER°, MILK°, honey°, SKIMMED MILK POWDER°, SWEET WHEY POWDER°, BUTTER°, whole cane sugar°*, rice syrup°, emulsifier: SOY LECITHIN°, salt, vanilla powder°, tonka bean oil°, rose petals°, cinnamon°, lemon powder°(lemon juice concentrate°, corn starch°, sugar°)



50% minimum in the Mountain Milk  Chocolate°


*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 64%

°from controlled organic cultivation


Full cream milk powder by Bio vom Berg, organic alpine mountain farmers.


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, eggs and sesame.


Nutrition Facts:

Energy kcal 549 kcal
Energy kJ 2282 kJ
Fat 38 g
of which saturated 20 g
Carbohydrates 41 g
of which sugar 39 g
Protein 7.8 g
Salt 0.32 g