A world tour: experience a top cuvée created with rare cacao varieties from five different countries: Tanzania, Guatemala, Ghana, Brazil and Belize. Each cacao is roasted individually and then combined to produce the ultimate cacao blend, offering its entire, vast cacao panorama. The best of the best.
Taste notes: Tanzania: fruity, red fruit Brazil: gingerbread spice Ghana: chocolatey Guatemala: fruity, tropical Belize: nut praline, sour cherry flavour 
Limited Edition: available for only 1 year.
Conching time: 20 hrs.


cocoa mass°*, raw cane sugar°*, cocoa butter°*


Cocoa (cocoa mass and cocoa butter)

75% minimum


*fair traded, fair trade content in total: 100%

°from controlled organic cultivation


May contain traces of all types of nuts, peanuts, milk, sesame and soy.


Nutrition Facts per 100g:

Energy kcal  588 kcal
Energy kJ  2439 kJ
Fat  44 g
of which saturated  27 g
Carbohydrates  34 g
of which sugar  28 g
Protein  8.5 g
Salt  0.22 g