Best of Advent Calendar

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Our big mixed chocolate calendar celebrates our huge range of chocolates with Hand-scooped 
Chocolates, organic bonbons, drinking chocolates, pure chocolate bars and little Nashido bars 
with creamy filings. 24 different varieties and flavours from nutty, fruity and caramel ones to 
festive gingerbread and fruit chocos. The calendar is alcohol-free, and the beautiful chocolate 
colours are derived entirely naturally from berries and other fruit. Featuring a magical fairy-tale 
carousel design and gold embossing, this calendar will be a delicious accompaniment throughout 
the festive season. And of course, all ingredients are ORGANIC + FAIR. 
The calendar inlay is made from bioplastics, produced from renewable raw materials that don’t 
hurt the environment. 


1. Biofekt: Blackcurrant Lavender Pot

2. Labooko: 82% Belize »Sail Shipped Cacao«

3. Kids: Caramel

4. Biofekt: Coconut Endorphin

5. Nashido: Peanut 

6. Squaring the Circle: 50% Milk Choco with Date Sugar

7. Fruit Bar: Cranberry

8. Hand-scooped: “For Sweet  Angels“ – Honey Crunch

9. Biofekt: Almond Praline Cube

10. In • Fusion: Lemon in Cacao

11. Hand-scooped: Praline Variation

12. Praliné: Hazelnut Praline

13. Kids: Strawberry

14. Hand-scooped: Butter Caramel

15. Nashido: Peppermint

16. Drinking Chocolate: Bitter Classic

17. Squaring the Circle: Coconut Caramel with Coconut Sugar

18. Hand-scooped: Amarena Cherry

19. Praliné: Brazil Nut Praline

20. Kids: White Chocolate

21. Hand-scooped: Marzipan & Almonds

22. Labooko: 50% Ecuador Milk Chocolate 

23. Drinking Chocolate: Winter Magic

24. Hand-scooped: “Sweet Christmas” – Gingerbread & Fruit, contains gluten



Calendar dimensions: W: 47.2 cm x H: 32.3 cm x D: 3 cm